Louise Fili

If you’re looking for beautiful, elegant, historically-informed design (especially for restaurant identity or food packaging), look no further than Louise Fili. In my book I referred to her by saying simply, “Design needs Louise Fili.” She is the consummate craftsperson, with an amazing eye for detail that has been refined by years of researching and collecting historical and vernacular type samples. She’s even authored a few books on the subject.

Bonus question: Louise Fili’s husband is…?

  • chatch

    what typeface do you think those numbers and the “BEDFORD POST” in the center text square are in?

  • I don’t. The numbers look a little like “Numbers” from Hoefler & Frere-Jones, specifically the “Depot” version, but its not exact.


    Tom Ingalls deals in classic typography. You might ask him.