A Tool To Deceive & Slaughter


I’m fascinated by the idea behind this Kubrick-esque sculpture by artist Caleb Larsen. Every ten minutes the black box connects to a server to check whether it is currently for sale on eBay. If not  it automatically creates a new auction of itself. Then, when it sells, the current owner is required to send it to the winning bidder. The new owner has to connect the sculpture to their ethernet network, and the cycle repeats itself. You can see the current auction here.

There is a long and interesting series of rules surrounding the sale, purchase and temporary ownership of the device/artwork detailed in the purchase agreement on eBay that are worth reading.

Larsen describes himself as an interrogator of the obvious and manages to live up to this description with work that is obliquely conceived yet razor-sharp in its clarity and critique. Often a record of process (his 2009 “Donor Plaque” is a fine example), Larsen’s designs systems which yield art — sometimes in the form of artifact, but equally often as a record of the system itself.

  • jallender

    I find his @10,000 sculpture intriguing and humorous!

  • jallender