The Naked Truth

Jamie Oliver (AKA The Naked Chef) was honored with the 2010 TED Prize. In a weekend sandwiched between the opening of the winter Olympics and President’s Day — and encompassing Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year, Mavericks and the first sunny Sunday in recent memory — you’d be forgiven for not tuning in to the celebrity chef’s acceptance speech at TED.

Oliver’s 20-minute speech wasn’t life-changing, paradigm shifting slam dunk (I’ll share one of those with you later in the semester) but it was pretty damn good. As a TED Prize recipient, Oliver will receive $100,000 to put toward one wish — not to mention the opportunity to plead his case in front of the world’s most powerful innovators. That case, which he breathlessly presented on Saturday, is to save us from eating ourselves to death. Ranging from funny, to poignant, to shocking (a classroom of 10-year-olds who literally had no idea what a tomato was when he showed it to them) to informative, Oliver delivered a passionate appeal that I one can only hope will be heeded.

Actually, that’s not true. We can do more than hope. We can do something about it.

NB: I may or may not post some additional TED talks here over  the semester. Either way you should become familiar with the conference.