12 Short Films

Here are 12 short films/titles/video works worth remembering. Each has a different technical or stylistic strength, but all are equally devoted to storytelling:
Chris Marker’s seminal masterpiece from 1962. It was later adapted as a film called 12 Monkeys.
Her Morning Elegance
Beautiful, simple stop motion. A simple shift in perspective and a little planning go a long way.
Type and image — matched by matching.
Sound and image — matched by mismatching.
Bass-like homage to film title narrative.
An empathetically technical marriage of type and moving image.
Details. One of the best title sequences ever.
Doing it for real makes all the difference. More commercials should be thought of as art.
The title sequence that got designers paying attention again.
Black and white. One typeface. No images. Still interesting.
The classic motion typography assignment that inspired 100 knock-offs.


Martina  (who’s beau was the propmaster on the Sony shoot) was kind enough to send this link to a Flickr set showing the “making of” that incredible Bravia spot.

This one shows 30,000 balls as they pour onto Kearny Street. See the rest here.