What Makes A Great Intern?

Quite randomly I stumbled upon this article today about what makes a great intern, written by an acquaintance of mine from Black Book — a placement agency out of Toronto.

Here’s the first of five points:

1. A great intern loves the business they are in, and cannot believe they are about to embark on a career in creativity. Pinch me, right? Loving this business, means more than telling people you love this business. Loving this business means studying this business. By allowing yourself to be so moved by the power of creativity, that you seek it out like a drug. You observe it, you deconstruct it, you devour it, you watch it frame by frame, you go back more than once. You love it.

You can read the other four over on their site, and I recommend you do. Caveat: the fifth point is a little dicey. It’s basically true, but there are exceptions.