What You Want

[via AIGA]

I’m pretty much just reposting this from AIGA’s website. Spec work is a touchstone topic and one that gets people pretty riled up. I participated in a related panel deicussion earlier this year and there was no shortage of passion on the panel and in the audience.

If you’re in the New York area you probably don’t want to miss this one — moderated by New York State Supreme Court Justice Colleen D. Duffy!

If you can;t make it, you can always join the discussion online.
Join AIGA Metro-North for RESPECT, a civilized dialog between advocates and opponents of speculative branding and design work.

Once a rare practice, spec, or “try before you buy”, work is being requested by a growing number of businesses— startups to global organizations. Many believe that the call for unpaid work is being fueled by changing mores, new forms of crowd-sourcing, and economic stress—but whatever the cause, spec work has the potential to upend the economic model of the branding and design industry.

Panel includes:

  • Ric Grefé, Executive Director, AIGA
  • Connie Birdsall, Creative Director, Lippincott
  • Jerry Kathman, President & CEO, LPK
  • John Gleason, Founder & President, A Better View