One Love

About a year ago, driving to school, I heard on NPR that a Canadian investment firm had secured the rights to the Bob Marley name — long considered a kind of holy grail of branding opportunities. For years the family had protected the Marley name and image from exploitation (despite the preponderance of unsanctioned Marley-emblazoned t-shirts, bongs, etc. Not so much any more.

Enter The House of Marley — the soon-to-be-launched Bob Marley lifestyle brand. Here’s a little of their philosophy from their website:

Bob Marley was a friend to all nations. He spoke of the need to respect the earth, treat every human being with dignity, and to live a life of honesty and integrity.

Bob was not a preacher. He was a performer who delivered his message with energy, creativity, and an irrepressible love of life. That is why when we talk about the principles that guide our company we never forget the most important one – joy.

Beautiful. But how can the late singer’s vision be shared with all of us? Fortunately, House of Marley has the answer:

The House of Marley will bring joy to everyone by offering a wide range of accessible and affordable products. The first phase includes a line of consumer electronics including boom boxes, docking stations, ear buds and headphones. The second phase will include categories such as luggage, bags, kitchenware, aromatherapy, and sensory products such as soy-based, organic candles.

Bet you didn’t see that coming — commercializing the vision; living a life of honesty and integrity with that aid of a docking station and color-coordinated luggage.

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