Illuminating Light & Darkness

The Journal of Neurosurgery has a fascinating analysis of Michelangelo’s painting “Separation of Light and Darkness.” In it the authors argue that the master renaissance painter (known also for his advanced anatomical knowledge) hid an image of the human brainstem in the neck of god.

Whether or not you’re familiar with the specifics of the brainstem, looking at the underside of  god’s outstretched neck it is clearly anatomically abnormal. Because Michelangelo is so precise in all of his other works, a few curious scientists began to wonder what might be behind this anomaly. Their report details the fascinating findings [full text available here].

  • gjohnson2

    Michelangelo’s dedication to his art manifesting in cadaver dissection makes me think I should start tracing over Helvetica and Knockout to become a better typographer. Hunter S. Thompson was known to copy books word for word on a typewriter to learn about the writing style.