Adam Werbach At Levi’s Print Shop

Extinction / Adaption
On August 14 + 15

Activist and creative thinker Adam Werbach is setting up camp at the Levi’s Print Shop. His goal is to create a book entitledExtinction/Adaptation that will be produced as a limited edition of 100 letterpress copies.

This is a participatory event. Adam and crew are looking for examples of behaviors and products that we’ve all used and that now are becoming extinct. The public is invited to submit ideas and objects for inclusion by bringing them in person during the two day collaboration, or by sending suggestions ahead of time.

Artists Andrew Schoultz and Kyle Knobel will be sketching their interpretations of the ideas.

This event takes place August 14 and 15 at the Levi’s popup workshop on Valncia Street in San Francisco. More here.