Collector Plates

Collector Plate

I’ve always been kind of fascinated with the absurdity of certain “collectibles.” Things like collector plates and spoons and shot glasses, Hummel figurines, commemorative coins, Christopher Radko ornaments and piles of bizarre crap from the Franklin Mint.

Partly in reaction to this peculiar notion of creating objects specifically to be collected, and partly a result of my ongoing interest in examining how we assign value to things, I’ve created my very own collector plate.

The “Collector” plate is a bluntly satyrical art object that derives its value by simply declaring what it is. The eight-inch white ceramic plate is edged in metallic gold foil. The word “Collector” is imprinted — also in gold foil — in ornate custom lettering on the center of the ornamental dish.

Edition of 50.

Lettering by Danielle Davis.

You can purchase one for your own collection here.

  • These plates are absolutely amazing! Good job Danielle!!

  • YAY!

  • Totally just creamed myself.
    Both Stern Grove posters and this plate feature hired illustrator/ typographers. I always find it strange that you don’t save that fun for yourselves! I’m all for hiring experts to do their thing, but do you ever feel like you’re cheating yourselves out of a good time?
    A year ago you suggested I really get dirty on the type for my witty/fun logo in class. Since then I’ve been practicing my lettering (especially finessing the beziers) like a mother. So, thanks!