Back To School

One of the things I never anticipated was that this blog would have a life beyond the classroom. I first created a web page for my class for the sole purpose of disseminating resources — the syllabus, assignments, useful links, etc. Soon I started including one inspirational link each day to get my students to think differently about certain problems. When that became unwieldily, I created WordPress site to help manage the content. Of course, as soon as it became easy to manage content I became easier to produce it, and I started writing my own entries as often as I posted others’. With all that content I decided I might as well share it with the rest of the college community, not just my 18 students, and opened up the site to anyone.

Last spring, HOW listed the blog as one of their Top 10 Websites for Designers, and there was no turning back.

If you’re reading this today you’re one of the site’s 5,500+ monthly visitors. That’s why, even though school was out for the summer, I’ve been posting more or less every day.

Class starts up again tomorrow, so those of you from the outside will notice a few changes in the content as it shifts back to a more class-centric focus. Graphic Design 3 at CCA is a pretty interesting semester, so I think you’ll still be interested in tuning in. Of course there will still be the same occasional op ed pieces, inspirational links, etc. but the curation of the content will be steered less by my whim and more by what I feel my students need to be exposed to. I’m hoping to also create a section to share some of their work with you too, but we’ll see how that goes…