Tucker Nichols

Friday, November 12, 2010
4:00 PM

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of meeting the artist Tucker Nichols. Tucker is one of those quiet geniuses — the kind whose every phrase seems uttered as a succinct undeniable truth, ready to be quoted. In seeming contrast, his work has a kind of shaky concentration to it, the way your handwriting might look when forging your mother’s signature on a report card. It is spare and thoughtful, often starting from some random genesis which it then engages with a rare combination of clarity and intellect.

One interesting application of his work is his Anonymous Postcard project, which he describes as “a suggestion box for the world, designed to allow anyone to openly communicate to a third party without the complications of personal contact.” The Anonymous Postcard offers a form though which anyone can submit any message (or “claim) on any issue — be it praise, criticism or mere observation. Nichols interprets the most compelling through an original illustration, which he then mails to a recipient of his choice.

You can of course learn more about Tucker and his work on his website or the wonders of Google, but why not come out to hear the man himself. He’ll be speaking this Friday at SFAI.