The Noun Project

Just for fun, every post this week is going to feature a project funded by Kickstarter. Kickstarter (if you haven’t already heard) is a funding platform for creative projects. Anyone can post a project, set a funding goal and then start promoting the sh*t out of it. Users are generally able to pledge financial support at one of several levels determined by the person proposing the project, usually getting some form of tangible “thank you” in return. All pledges are held in escrow during the 30-day funding period. If the goal is met, your pledge is automatically paid out. If it doesn’t fund that means not enough people believe in it to make it happen. You owe nothing. It’s a fascinating and high;y-successful model that is growing daily in popularity.

First up: The Noun Project. The Noun Project collects and organizes the most recognizable symbols from our shared visual language. All are available for download and all are free. The site itself (by the same designer who was responsible for much of the visual language of the Obama campaign) is exquisitely simple (although a search or sorting feature is a critical omission).

  • jennchow

    This project is awesome! I’m really fascinated by the idea of shared visual language and find these symbols especially useful whenever I’m in an airport or traveling abroad. I navigate much faster by searching for these visual cues instead of trying to read written signs (if I could understand their language).

    *Also, they’ve included a Search bar (click search under below The Noun Project title) and Category browsing.