Couchsurfing: The Movie

For day four of Kickstarter week I thought I’d share a project that still needs a kickstart.

Couchsurfing (in case you haven’t heard) is global network of everyday people who make their homes available to travelers. More than just a free place to stay, it offers cultural exchange, networking and local hospitality to the world’s wayfarers. The free service has been around since 2004 and, among other things, was responsible for introducing my designer to his girlfriend (coincidentally, a former student!). Realizing there are many more stories of connections, adventures and improbable opportunities orbiting in the couchsurfing universe, San Francisco filmmaker Alexandra Liss decided to make a documentary about the phenomenon.

So far her project is 25% funded with about three weeks to go. You can read more about Alexandra’s effort, follow her progress (and support her for as little as $1) here.