Tik Tok

The final installment of this Kickstarter-themed week features the mother of all Kickstarter projects—the Tik Tok watch, by lunatik.

This ingenious timepiece (I want one!) is the brainchild of Scott Wilson and his Chicago-based studio, Minimal. The watch is actually an iPod nano, housed in a specially-designed case and watchband that converts the mp3 player into a touchscreen watch. The project secured advance funding through Kickstarter, reaching a little over 6,000% of its goal for a total of $941,718—all on individual pledges as little as $1. The project has received a lot of attention, most recently from The New York Times’ Rob Walker who writes the weekly Consumed column  for the NYTimes Magazine.

The final product (now in production) retails for between $35 and $65 (iPod not included) depending on the model. You can pre-order one now but be prepared to wait 4-6 weeks while the thousands of Kickstarter investors get theirs.

  • Man Ee

    Elecom was manufacturing/manufactured a similar leather/plastic strap that works with the nano

    Similar products–rubber band and rock band (supposedly the first watch band for the new iPod nano at that time)–can also be found here.

    I guess these straps have become a trend.