Walking down a rain-pelted Sutter Street today I spotted this message in a gallery window, inscribed in neon:


A sucker for neon lettering, typography and text art, I went in, only to discover more typographic goodness:

Through February 22 the Jenkins Johnson Gallery at 464 Sutter Street has an exhibit of text base art from a range of artist including Tim EtchellsJeremy Bert and Jessica Rankin. Check it out.

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  • These are great! I’ll definitely try and make it by there. I’m a huge fan of simple text statements as well, especially when presented in such a memorable way. There is something fascinating on how much impact a simple sentence can have on you.

    I so often associate neon lettering with simple OPEN signs (although the bar The Knockout does this with a twist) and cheap liquor stores, so it is really cool to see them used in an artistic context.

  • Kusumoto

    creepy cool kinda feeling.

  • dlao_cca

    These remind me of Jenny Holzer’s work where she projects aphorisms onto buildings. http://www.jennyholzer.com/