I write in my book about how designers respond to tragedies like 9/11, Katrina, The Indonesian earthquake and tsunami, The quake in Haiti, etc. With the recent tragic events in Japan, designers have once again turned to their creative impulses as a means of providing aid and catharsis.

Above is Alex Leibold’s effort (which you can purchase here). Steven Heller cites several more.

I encourage you to do what you are able to help support the Japanese recovery.

This is also a good time to review your own emergency plan.

  • Nathan

    It’s been almost an entire month since disaster first hit Japan. Without a doubt, designers everywhere have responded (just look at the above post). However, how many of these responses have really endured up to today? It feels like the majority of responses were printed material available for purchase with all proceeds going towards Japan relief.

    How can designers instead generate ideas that can endure, and keep the public aware and interested? Have such instances occurred and been successful in the past?

    Recently, I met someone from the Ivory Coast as I was walking around Oakland. His English was broken, but amidst that and his French, he said one thing quite clearly: People in this country are so selfish.

    Is that one of the biggest obstacles we as designers will ever have to face?