Looking For Love

50 reasons not to date a graphic designer. Some valid points.

  • Man Ee

    Points linked to image?

    Anyway, if this is the same article that’s been circulating around, reason no.19 was the reason that almost made me use comic sans for the current assignment.

    “19. They hate Comic Sans with the same passion they love Helvetica.”

  • Oops. Updated the link. Thanks.

  • One of my goals as a designer is to find the perfect use for comic sans outside of a comic strip or a passive agressive note to clean out the microwave.

    Also I am a huge fan of 44-50.

    ps: I am an ever bigger fan of the security question, couldn’t we get some trigonometry in there for the people that feel overly educated in mathematics at art school??

    • Nathan

      Hey Lee, regarding your goal-regarding-Comic-Sans, here’s an interesting excerpt from “Font. The Sourcebook” by Domenic Lippa of Pentagram:

      I dislike fonts that are designed to express a personality, which I think is the role of the design and layout itself. Bad fonts try too hard to be different and idiosyncratic. A font like Comic Sans, which is the classic example of a font designers love to hate, is the typographic equivalent of a one-liner; you might smile at first but the joke stops being funny very quickly, especially when it’s repeated ad nauseam thousands of times in a piece of text.

  • “The fuck up all your tables with their cutters.”
    Ha! I get in so much trouble for this, but it’s better than slicing and dicing the sweet hardwood floor, right?