Spot On

Art opportunist Damien Hirst has paired up with the equally-opportunistic Gagosian Galleries to create a world-wide treasure hunt. With pieces in 11 galleries on three continents, the challenge is simple: pick up a frequent art viewer card (like those loyalty cards from Subway), then travel the world and check off each of the 11 sightings.

There is something peculiar about consuming art quantitatively rather than qualitatively. Perhaps that is Hirst’s point, in which case it’s hard to know if the Gagosians or the public are his foil. And because simply experiencing art could never be satisfaction enough, the pair have offered an incentive: check off all 11 works and get your very own spot print.

A friend of mine calculated the cost of the 3-continent excursion and figures a savvy traveller could make the circuit for about $5,800. Not bad for a print that could be worth as much as $50,000. Of course, if that’s too steep for your budget, you can always pick up a simultaneously-released spotted knick-nacks.

The NY Times takes a deeper look at Hirst’s spots in today’s edition.