You Look Familiar Today

In December 2008, Tori LaConsay painted what she describes as a “love letter to her neighborhood”. One side of the sign reads “You Look Nice Today” punctuated by a little heart. The other side says, “I’m So Happy You’re Here” also with a heart. The idea was that residents would see the “You look nice…” affirmation on their way to work and the welcoming “I’m so happy…” text on their return.

Sweet, right?

Seems retail clothing company H&M thought so too — offering pillows, towels, floor mats and other merchandise emblazoned with that same message. This would also be sweet, if only they had asked permission. Turns out, they didn’t. What’s more H&M is officially defending their position saying that the similarity is coincidental and that it may have been “inspired” by the original artwork.

The BBC has more on this story which is likely the last we’ll here of it. Things like this tend to get tidied up quietly between lawyers. My guess is that Tori will get a decent enough check (but probably far less than she deserves) with the condition that the company admits no guilt and that the artist is not permitted to speak publicly on the matter.

The offending designer will likely be (or may have already been) fired, and the idiot in charge of posting to the H&M Facebook page will probably be reprimanded.

We’ll see…