Ask and You Shall Receive

Give and you shall receive more.

Yesterday in our Professional Practice class we talked a bit about the importance of networking. We talked about how my high school girlfriend is connected to all of my clients, how everyone is connected to Doug Akagi, and how Michael Beirut is connected to Kevin Bacon (via Massimo Vignelli).

As I write this our intern is in NYC looking for an apartment and a job. He’s used some of his own connections to line up interviews and studio visits, and used some of mine to line up a few more. In the next couple of days he’ll hook up with our former intern, Matt Delbridge who, along with fellow CCA grads Katie Barcelona and Niko Skourtis, is currently working at Pentagram. Project M alum and friend of the studio John Custer (can you find him in the diagram above?) is making introductions at four firms currently hiring. To once more underscore the exponential generosity of a supportive network, here’s a glimpse into a Facebook conversation between Chris, myself and another CCA alum, Leah Koransky: