Print/Out is a new exhibition at MoMA that explores how artists engage the ideas of reproducibility, collaboration, and distribution into their art. The exhibition features artists and collaborative groups such as Ai WeiweiGeneral Idea, Robert Rauschenberg, SUPERFLEX, Museum in Progress, and 35 other artists and publishers, including Thomas Schütte whose Low Tide Wandering will be mounted as an immersive installation of 139 prints.

In conjunction with the exhibition, MoMA has set up a collaborative space called Print Studio. The studio offers drop-in workshops, lectures, and events. Using material from Brooklyn’s Reanimation Library and a variety of print techniques, participants are invited to experiment with and manipulate images and text. Print Studio will offer artist- and educator-led activities designed to “highlight the ways in which new digital technologies incorporate traditional printing practices, reimagining the role of print in contemporary visual culture.”

Sounds like fun.

Most programs are free. New Yorkers (or the New York bound): check it out!