The Design Fund

Today we heard a little about design entrepreneurism from our guests Ben Barry, Brian Singer and Cesar Chin. No sooner did I arrive back at the office than I stumbled upon an inititative called The Designer Fund.

The Designer Fund is essentially a community of designers who invest in other designer-founders through mentorship, funding and networking. Designers apply for an investment, which is then peer-reviewed by the designer community. Winning applicants are matched mentors, investors and venture capital. The focus is on designers whose success in business creates positive social impact, with preference given to those who utilize new technology. Check them out.

Of course, The Design Fund isn’t the only outfit celebrating entrepreneurship. For a less business-centric/more inspirational point of view follow MICA graduate students Tim Hoover and Jessica Karle Heltzel‘s project Kern & Burn. Kern and Burn is a hybrid online/print publication that curates discussions and interviews with design entrepreneurs—designers who “pursue self-initiated projects and channel personal passions into self-made careers.”