Post Modern Dogs

We’ve talked a lot about intellectual property, fair use, reference and flat our ripping shit off in our classes. Sometimes the line is blurry, subtle or even debatable. Sometimes, though, it seems razor sharp.

We’ve had our run-ins with others [allegedly] copying our work, most recently by a social media firm called Friendemic, whose logo looks, shall we say, remarkably like one we did for Peachpit Press several years ago.


What is often more astonishing than the copying is the reaction the offending parties have when confronted:

Last fall we learned that our friends up at Modern Dog were in the unfortunate position of having to sue a major corporation for [allegedly] copying work from their 2008 monograph. We’ve been dutifully keeping mum about the whole thing, but today Modern Dog’s Robynne Raye opened up about the ordeal on Neenah’s Rock Paper Ink blog. Give it a read and chime in with your thoughts.