Photography Resources
Capture one (30 day free trial)


AIGA Salary Survey
Salary Calculator
Resale License Application
Business License Application
Calculating Your Freelance Rate


Financial Management/Time Tracking Applications
Clients & Profits


Resources for the Future
Buy, read and consult the book Talent is Not Enough by Shel Perkins
Bookkeeping Basics
Tax Essentials (audio)
Other AIGA Center for Practice Management Resources
Digital Printers
H&H Imaging

Letterpress Resources
Here are a few letterpress resources. You can also take classes at the Center for the Book and then book time on their equipment to print yourself.
Full Circle Press (Judith: 530 23 5606)
Dependable Letterpress (Joel: 415 503 0981)
Logos Graphics (415 552 0817)

*Make sure to let them know you’re a student and that I referred you. It’s a good habit to get into.


Digital Comping Resources
Live Surface
iPhone UI Elements & Forms
Browser UI and Chrome
Laptops & Desktops
Wine Bottles, Packaging, Etc.
Various Apple Environments (iPads, iPhones, Monitors, Etc.)


Personal Branding
I’m not really a fan of the term “Personal Branding” but these resources are still of interest.


Physical Portfolio Resources:
iPad Cases
Taurus Bindery
Key Bindery
Blurb (AIGA Members get a 20% discount)
Moo Cards


Web Portfolio Resources:
Less Framework
Minimal Folio
A Decent WordPress Theme


Resumé Resources:
How to write a resumé
Nathan Sharp’s (now outdated) resume
Christopher Simmons’ CV
30 Awful resumés
10 tips for Resume Writing (read the first bit, skip the samples, then read the 10 tips at the end)
Resume Writing Tips

Also, here is an interesting resource for turning a resume into an infographic: For this you will need to be on Linkedin. More on that later.


Misc. Resources
Daylight is a productivity/client relations management app for Mac. Check it out.