A Plan for arranging elements to achieve a particular purpose
AIGA Justified

AIGA: Rejustified

It’s time to take a new look at AIGA’s ‘Justified’ design competition.


Ideas, Theories & Observations


Practical Perspectives for the Working Designer
Shepard Fairey with his HOPE poster

Copyright Basics

18 minutes on copyright law from a Harvard professor.


just design by christopher simmons

Good Friday

Normally I’ll post something here for you on Fridays and Saturdays (Sundays you’re on your own). Today, however, I’m punting you over to another…


Excerpted from Alissa Walker’s coverage of the 2007 Y-Conference… “At Yale, Paul Rand once told Kyle Cooper that there wasn’t really anything interesting going on in title design. Alvin Eisenman…

Doing It

From an article about letterpress artist Amos Kennedy: “No one gets mad at you if you spend 30 years as a first-line manager at…