AIGA Justified

AIGA: Rejustified

It’s time to take a new look at AIGA’s ‘Justified’ design competition.

Shepard Fairey with his HOPE poster

Copyright Basics

18 minutes on copyright law from a Harvard professor.

christopher simmons design

Ordinary Things

Poetry, my kitchen, and what you can learn from both

Baratunde Thurston

How to be Black

“If You Don’t Buy This Book You’re Racist”

Young Eyes

A couple of years ago I linked to a post about explaining design to 10-year-olds. Now it seems that 5-year olds want to explain…

pie lab


Changing the World, One Slice at a Time

Facebook statistics


Did you know that Graphic Design at CCA now has a Facebook page? Did you know that CCA design faculty member Jeremey Mende won…

James Victore

Who Died & Made You Boss?

James Victore’s new Monograph, Victore, or, Who Died and Made You Boss, is on shelves now. If you haven’t already ordered it, this promo…

George Lois on Mad Men

George Lois

Here’s a great little behind-the-scenes video of the legendary “Mad Man” George Lois. He was hired to shoot an ad for TruFocals, and ended…

stephen doyle colbert

Colbert Salutes Doyle

Last night the Cooper Hewitt presented its National Design Awards in New York. Designer Stephen Doyle was honored with an introduction by none other than…


No one knows who the street artist Banksy really is, so what better place for him (her?) to flex his street art chops than…



Following the success of Helvetica and Objectified, filmmaker Gary Hustwit announced has announced the third film in his design trilogy. Design Writer Alissa Walked…

Tom Dair

“Design is about people, not things”

Smart Design’s Tom Dair received the Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Award last week, and was promptly quoted in a speech by Michelle Obama. The…

My Kingdom For A Horse

Charles S. King, designer of the iconic Range Rover died last week. He was 85. Whatever you think of cars, SUVs or the Range…

Top 10 Design Insights

  I’ve shown this to most of my students at one time or another, partly because its one of the funniest things I’ve ever…

celestial symphony

Celestial Symphony

This little gem has been making the rounds of late, but its still worth sharing. Solar Beat is an orbital music box of sorts…

clever little box

The Cat is Out of the Bag

Puma recently announced their revolutionary new shoebox design (or as they put it, “the best shoebox ever”). Working with CCA faculty member Yves Behar the…

this is where we live

Video Process Books

The best way to document the process of a 4D project is, as you might expect, in 4D. The folks at Apt Studios did…

Obama Recovery Infographic

We Love Infographics

Whatever your politics, this is a pretty compelling use of information graphics to tell a story (not surprising considering that Edward Tufte is now…

Bohemian Rhapsody

In case you thought there is only one way to do something — or if you thought that once something has been “done” it…

jeremy mende

Type + Image

One of the ongoing formal challenges of graphic design is the need to successfully integrate type and image. This is a recap of some…

Obama Logo

The Big O

About a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Sol Sender, designer of the now classic logo for the Obama…


  Check out this Oscar-nominated short film, Logorama.

rotating kitchen

Rotating Kitchen

The Rotating Kitchen by Zeger Reyers was put into motion during the opening of the exhibition Eating the Universe at the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany, last…